Our Process

We've developed a disciplined process that involves activating a series of steps and tools.  As you consider the concept of contracting business development keep in mind that:



Investigating the details and facts related to prospecting for your business and providing periodic analysis and status reports

Providing strategic planning to define the opportunity for selling the services of your company, and execution of a prospecting initiative for new customers to include:

Engaging in phone calls and conferences

Attendance where appropriate at prospect meetings

Providing additional consultation and assistance as requested


Getting Started

How prospect::link:: works:

  • Immersion process and creation of the sales plan
  • Understand your services and the needs in the market
    1. Goals and objectives
    2. Strategy
    3. Product features and benefits
    4. Targets and opportunities
    5. Campaign elements
  • Find your point of difference
  • Idenfity valid business reasons for companies to hire you
  • Review current sales material and update if necessary
    1. Capabilities decks
    2. Letters, voicemail, email scripts
    3. Proposals
    4. Previous winning presentations
    5. Web site
    6. Client list
    7. Interview key accounts
    8. Interview key staff
  • Review your prospecting pipeline and prioritize interest
  • Develop criteria for targeting:
    1. Titles of the key prospects you want to meet
    2. Territory defined by state and city
    3. Category of business you want to target
  • Integrate tools into the prospecting process
  • Create an email system for tokrongly@your-email1.com
  • Start continuous prospecting
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