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Tim O’Krongly

I began my selling career in a tough industry – radio. I had to develop a strategy for proving that this medium was effective. I leveraged my “on-air show” (I was a DJ in the mornings and sold in the afternoon) and soon became the top sales rep. The relationships with my accounts turned into a deeper business opportunity and the beginning of my work in advertising by starting an ad agency.

Later, as the marketing director for two Kraft territories, I developed a new go-to-market strategy for the company and coined the phrase “customer integrated marketing.” The concept helped grow Kraft brands by double digits and was asked to develop the concept for all of North America. With the support of a corporate team, I led an initiative that is now known in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry as “shopper marketing.”

As an Air Force military brat, I lived all around the U.S. and the world; including places like Guam, Japan and Hawaii. When I made my first trip to New York City in 1992, I found the tristate area to be so appealing that I ultimately quit my corporate job at Kraft and moved to New Jersey. 

Wherever I’ve been employed I was always the “frontman.” Integrating the skills developed in radio with the strategy work on how to position and present a company. Throughout my career, I noticed one important thing… nothing happens until someone sells something. My passion for sales ultimately led to the creation of Prospect Link in 2007.

My current sports passion is golf and in 2018, I qualified for the Golf Channels National Tournament (I finished a dismal 94th in my division). Much like selling, golf is a humbling game.


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