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Finding and developing new prospects is a tough job.
Many companies don’t have the time, resources, tools and discipline to ensure their new business pipeline remains healthy.

When you need an edge… you need Prospect Link

Strictly Business Development

By focusing only on business development, Prospect Link provides a consistent pipeline of qualified leads for you and your team.

Lead Generation

We’ve developed the process and tools to drive your new business prospecting effort. We take care of finding new leads while you take care of minding and growing your current customers.

Close More Business

Welcome to a consistent approach that provides warm opportunities
with prospects that have the need
for your services.

Sales Strategy

First, we’ll work with you and your team to clarify what makes your service stand out in the marketplace.

Email Content

We craft email messages that get opened. Clever and compelling copywriting is what we do. 

List Management

We have access to the premier email lists covering CPG, Financial Services, Consumer Electronics, Entertainment, Hospitality, QSR and more.


Email Campaigns

Consistent and ongoing emailing works. We typically go out with new messaging every 7-10 working days.


Prospect Link does the follow-up, stays on top of warm leads, qualifies prospects and arrange meetings with you. We are relentless.


Prospect Link becomes a seamless part of your sales team, assuring your pipeline is full.

Thirty years of sales experience has provided the insight to properly position your company’s service and create a unique selling story.

Featured Clients

Tim has been invaluable to us by introducing a process to business development that we did not have the time to do ourselves, clarifying our value proposition for client prospects, and representing us to prospective clients. He is an exceptional cold-caller and door opener for us.

David Adelman, CEO, OCD Media – New York, NY

Tim can be very charming in persuading others when the climate is favorable, and firm when confronting a hostile situation. He will react, adjust, and modify his behavior in a variety of situations. He projects emotional strength and a leadership power in working with others. Tim has very strong verbal and persuasive skills.

Steve Wakeen, SVP Sales, CRN –  Hamden, CT

Tim's high level of decisiveness is coupled with high influencing skills. Tim shows the rare skill of being able to influence people (in a positive way) without their noticing the influence. Tim has a strong orientation toward getting sales efforts completed quickly and successfully, and maximizing the performance of the team in the process. Tim sets high operational goals for himself and others, and expects all involved to provide 100% effort.

Jack Demetris, Managing Director Sales, Theorem – Chatham, NJ

Tim is one of the most thoughtful, giving, and professional people I've worked with in recent memory. We worked together in two different capacities, and in both cases, it was the same Tim: courteous, responsive, eminently reliable and helpful. This is how you tell the character of a person, and Tim has one of solid gold. I know these are perhaps "softer" terms but in both situations the data speaks for itself: he delivers results.

Birgitte Rasine, Storyteller, The Muse – San Francisco, CA

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